The National Accreditation Board provides authoritative advice and guidance on the recognition in Dominica of qualifications obtained abroad and of qualifications awarded by transnational institutions operating in Dominica.


Accreditation can be described as both a status and a process. It is the status granted to an educational institution or programme that has been evaluated and found to meet or exceed stated criteria of educational quality.

Equivalence Assessment

The Labour Division determines the comparability of foreign qualifications awards to qualifications awarded nationally. A "Statement of Equivalence" provides authoritative advice on the comparability of recognised qualifications in foreign countries.


The law provides for qualifications awarded by institutions that are established outside of Dominica to be recognized by the NAB.

Quality Enhancement Support

Quality enhancement in tertiary education involves employing deliberate mechanisms to bring about continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the learning experience of students.

Board Members

Dr. Kimone Joseph
Dr. Kimone Joseph - Chairman
Kerwin Jno. Baptiste
Kerwin Jno. Baptiste - Member
Dr. Donald Peters
Dr. Donald Peters - Deputy Chair
Dr. Jermaine Jean-Pierre - Member
Valentine Telemaque
Valentine Telemaque - Member
Nadira Lando
Nadira Lando - Member
Thomas Letang
Thomas Letang - Member
Dr. Jeffrey Blaize
Dr. Jeffrey Blaize - Member

About Us

The National Accreditation Board (NAB) of the Commonwealth of Dominica was established by Act No.13 of 2006 as the principal body for conducting and advising on the accreditation and recognition of post secondary and tertiary educational and training institutions, programmes and awards.

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National Accreditation Board
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